Systems for internal handling

From modular systems to haulers.

Systems for internal handling of envelopes, parcels, containers, pallets, air containers, and loads of other dimensions.

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Our service post – sale


The Service Team of MMS is formed by expert personnel, qualified and motivated. Spare parts are always available, the operating reliability and completeness of the operations manuals transmit customers the necessary tranquility on the overall efficiency of the MMS products.
We are proposing preventative maintenance contracts custom, calibrated on the needs and specific applications for the verification of the status of system service.

MMS offers also the possibility to its customers to receive technical support from product design to the period post-sale. For this reason our service department is able to conclude contracts for maintenance and scheduled service that can respond to better meet your needs.

This map shows the distribution on the territory of our technical experts. These collaborations are born to ensure our customers maintenance and fast service and therefore greater efficiency.